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       Hop2it Container Trades
  Member Program Introduction

There is a strong demand for funds to assist in container based import/export which is not being met by the banks. 
Hop2it offers its Members and Investors the opportunity to participate in the strong global business of container trades which are managed by an experienced professional team.
Hop2it Container Trades assists Supported Venture clients/partners raises money for Container Trades privately and provides short term finance to Importer Exporters  for stock or to fulfil orders. You can learn more about these opportunities buy opening an account and reading our terms and conditions.

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Hop2it operates a Trade & Property Exchange and privately raises loan funds to provide importers and exporters short term loans to complete container based trades. To learn more about any offer, investment or other business opportunities, you need to be an existing member or join on this web site and understand our terms and conditions.  to retail and wholesale investors. An Offer document is available upon request from our Brokers.
If you have an interest in learning more, there are limitations on the uptake of any opportunity restricted to existing Members or retail and wholesale prospective investors. 
Disclosure information, risk factors and mitigation and Investor returns are all discussed in the Debenture Offer available to the aforementioned people only.  
Our Members are provided with an online account, mobile APP and wallet in which transaction history of their Members Account is maintained. Any commissions oor other payments are added to a Ledger which Members can use for taxation reporting purposes and to draw down on earnings. .
Completion OF OUR Debenture Offer Application IS MANDITORY FOR INVESTMENT
Container trading is not a new business to Hop2it, but is a commercial repositioning and location of our existing Asia and USA container trades business.  
Container trading is a profitable business activity when done right. Both importers and exporters have traditionally had difficulty funding the commodities imported and exported and the cost of transport. Hop2it’s methodology endeavors to overcome these problems and provide our Supported Ventures with funding alternative including Trade Dollars.
Hop2it earns attractive returns and profits from our provision of financial and other services in a market of record low interest rates. We offer our Supported Ventures:-
*  Professional experienced directors and management.
*  Online Account and APP of Investor reporting.
*  Risk factors mitigated by commodity ownership & insurance. 
*  Private Debenture offers to both Retail and Wholesale Investors. 
*  Limited Investor positions available via our Brokers.
Trades generally have a three month turnaround from loading to delivery. Hop2it’s subsidiaries hold Import Permits to deal in food supplements and hemp seed and oil for human and stock food.
Then the number 1 position re-cycles onto a new GOLD board, taking up one of the 8 – 15 positions. 

Trading Opportunities For Members

Perpetual Benefit Cycle

To facilitate all the required elements of Hop2it Trades, funding is required to cover a three (3) month turnaround timeline.
Container Trades comprise of a number of elements from a point of Sales Order.  above to the many methods by which an end user may order commodities.  
Members participate in a number of trades through the cycle of their Debenture. We have expertise in every part of the container based import and export logistic process. 

Trade Dollar Buy Back Program: Hop2it Trades covenants not to encumber its book of loans in any way so that they are available to repay the Debentures. As added security, Hop2it Australasia will provide a corporate guarantee to repay the debentures and pay the interest to the Hop2it Container Trade Pty Ltd Debenture Holders in the event that it fails to do so for any unforeseen reason.
                                                                             See the Hop2it Debenture Offer document for full details.

Member Support Services

Hop2it operates its own IT Team and develops its own software applications (APPs). Every Member is issued with an account which can be accessed online or by mobile phones.

Members Accounts contain a Wallet  that manages a number of ledgers that list transactions for all Hop2it cash and non cash trading currencies. Loyalty and Trade Points, Trade Tokens used to protect credit card transactions, digital Trade Dollars, Capital, Commissions and any Shares that a Member may own all have separate ledgers.

Members Join for FREE which entitles them to participate in our Loyalty & Rewards Programs. With education, Members may also choose to use their membership to join our Trade & Property Exchange (as Traders), or become an Affiliate, a Broker or an Investor. Some Members may also consider uptaking a Wealth Centre Franchise as a career transition.

Hop2it is an online business with global reach with Members currently spanning 20 countries. Members are our assets and we proactively maintain education, cross training and support of our membership base world-wide.

Remember Container Trades Complete In A Few Months !

Hop2it Allows For
Unlimited Debenture Cycling!  

International Trade is a BOOMING Multi Trillion Dollar Industry. The World Depends on It EveryDay, It Never Stops!

The Booming Import / Export field is not the sole territory of the Big Corporate traders anymore.
According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, the big guys make up only about 4 percent of all exporters.
96 percent of exporters — The lion’s share are smaller outfits, like Hop2it.
90% of all goods move through containers & that’s the business Hop2it has been in for over a decade. 

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