Our Mission Statement
“Through Our Operations As  A Global Container Based Import, Export Company. We Acquire And Sell Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) To Supply To Our Buyers And Brokers World-wide. To Maintain Integrity And Transparency Through The Deliver Of Supply Chains Of Products To End Users And Protect International Buyers From From Those That Have Entered Our Industry Recently For Opportunistic Purposes Utilizing Our Government Licenses And Financial Servoces Experience To Provide An End-to-End Solution For SME’s And Governments Alike.”


Hop2it Container Trades has a proven business model  that its proving successful supporting our increasing number of start-up clients commercial ventures.

There is a strong demand for funding and mentoring of these ventures in Australia and the Asia Pacific region, which cannot be satisfied by conventional financial and investment institutions.

Hop2it Container Trades aims to provide the short term cash funding and other commercial services to our supported ventures that they need to prosper and grow for the betterment of their investors and shareholders.

As an active Trading Member, you have the opportunity to participate in a number of exciting business opportunities. Hop2it Container Trades Pty Ltd, a newly incorporated entity now operates as part of the greater Hop2it group of companies and provides important services offered by our Wealth Centres the first of which now operates in Brisbane Australia.

Exporting Experience

Hop2it Container Trades Pty Ltd provides start-up angel and financial services to our Supported Ventures and their investors. We assist to arrange short term loans to fund the movement of container based commodities. Through our Wealth Centres Hop2it provides an array of services to assist our start-up clients to shore up their ability to maintain their import or export capability. Other services we provide to our Supported Ventures include the arrangement of short term patent loans, raw material and stock loans, trade finance, factoring and business equipment finance. Other trading services are provided through our Wealth Centres the first of which is headquartered in Brisbane Australia. Hop2it Container Trades was recently incorporated to consolidate these services previously supplied by prgional consultants so that container trading services for Hop2it’s many Supported Ventures can be managed centrally.  Hop2it’s international Third Party Record Keeper for Hop2it’s international trading transactions between members trading in cash and non-cash payments. Our information technology is maintained and supported from servers and engineers in Australasia.

Hop2it commenced its corporate life in Hong Kong many years ago and has developed an international network of subsidiaries and contractors and a number of business specific Trusts that manage the Group’s assets on behalf of members and shareholders. Hop2it Container Trades Pty Ltd was incorporated in 2020 to specialize in import and export services for Hop2its supported Startups and to educate our clients into the use of trading tools such as Trade Points, Tokens and Trade Dollars. 

Hop2it Wealth Centre services include:-

  • The operation of a Global Trade Exchange and private digital currency backed property.
  • The management or Trade Points and Trade Dollars via Trade & Property Exchanges.
  • The issue of financial products for Investing Members to review under advisement for their own betterment and wealth creation.
  • The rollout of Hop2it Wealth Centres to house experienced Trade Brokers who support trading members and merchants.

Hop2it has members trading across the globe and is in 2020 supporting the roll out and development of local Trade Exchanges operated by active members throughout many regional centers.  

Hop2it Trade Points – Hop2it has established Trade Points, intending it to be a serious competitor to loyalty rewards programs such as Airline Flight miles programs and the likes of Fly Buys one of the largest loyalty programs world-wide. Hop2it Australasia sells the Trade Points to Merchants who can then offer them to their customers as rewards. They can then be redeemed with Merchants, sold or traded. Traders may swap them amongst themselves for Trade Dollars. This is planned to be a major source of income for Hop2it Australasia. The Trade Points are digital smart loyalty reward points and are not digital coins or any style of cryptocurrency operating on a Blockchain.  

Digital Trade Dollars – Trade Points can be swapped for Trade Dollars amongst Traders which can then be invested in listed shares. In this way, Hop2it’s Property Fund commercially supports the value of the Hop2it Trade Dollars. The Property Fund only offers shares for part cash/Trade Dollars when it has an immediate need for them to acquire properties or goods and services relative to properties, so that the Property Fund will never hold Trade Dollars in its balance sheet. Hop2it Digital Trade Dollars are designed for B2B transactions where taxation transparency is of foremost consideration.   

Hop2it Global Wealth Group

The Hop2it Wealth Group – comprises of a number of companies incorporated in Asia, Australia and the USA. Our companies are positioned to acquire strategic assets which compliment our technology, Trade & Property Exchanges. Container Trades are now managed by a specialist company populated with experienced directors.

The Hop2it Wealth Group – Hop2it’s Global Wealth business has adopted and enhanced an exciting and proven method of assisting start-up ventures to raise capital and commercialise new technologies. We enter into Supported Ventures Agreements (SVA) with the start-ups and provide them with a range of services to assist them in the pursuit of their development and commercialisation of new products. Hop2it Trades is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hop2it Australasia Pty Ltd that is focused on providing  financial and other strategic services for container based Import/Exporters trades.

Supported Ventures – Hop2it has adopted and enhanced an exciting and proven method of assisting start-up ventures to raise capital and commercialize new technologies. The company enters into Supported Venture Agreements (SVA) with the start-ups and provide them with a range of services to assist them in the pursuit of their development and commercialization of new products.

Hop2it Wealth Centres – incorporate a number of services to startups. We have members across 20 countries many of whom who have invested in container trades through an education process or their own experience. Hop2it Brokers are provided with additional training to support startup ventures in real estate funding, container trades and other necessary commercial and financial services.

Hop2it Trade & Property Exchanges – already established in Singapore a license has been issued in 2020 to set up an Australian Trade & Property Exchange. This operates as a traditional Trade Exchange using Hop2it’s digital Trade Dollars (T$) and the added benefit of digital instantaneous processing of T$ and fee transactions by way of mobile phone. Businesses which produce goods and services are targeted as Merchants in order to develop a wide range of trading opportunities for Members. Within each country, Trade Exchange transactions are in that country’s currency. Global transactions are made in $US based Trade Dollars but the online platform provides a currency exchange service, so global trade involving two currencies can be seamlessly conducted. The Member goes into their Wallet via their Members Account and converts to the currency of the trade and then trades in that currency. This service provides Members with the ability to trade globally while remaining tax transparent within their tax resident country.

Listed Property Fund – Hop2it Australasia intends to sponsor the Property Fund as a public company. Hop2it Australasia will capitalise the Property Fund with some of the funds raised from a Hop2it Australasia Offer.  The Property Fund will then issue a Prospectus and list on the Australian National Stock Exchange (NSX). Our objective is for Hop2it Australasia to hold 30-45% of the shares in the Property Fund. The Property Fund will focus on acquisition and management of income producing properties without holding any long term debt or exposure to property development risks. Once listed, the Property Fund will register consecutive prospectuses offering shares for sale at a combination of Cash/Trade Dollars. In this way a value for Trade Dollars and Trade Points which is based on the conversion price to public company shares will be established in the marketplace. To our knowledge no other Trade Exchange provides this.



The Container Trade Market

In terms of value, global seaborne container trade is believed to account for approximately 60 percent of all world seaborne trade, which was valued at over 12 trillion U.S. dollars in 2019. While the quantity of goods carried by containers has risen from around 102 million metric tons in 1980 to over 1.83 billion metric tons in 2019, vessels have likewise increased their capacity. Between 1980 and 2019, the deadweight tonnage of container ships has grown from about 11 million metric tons to around 266 million metric tons.

Standard Containers come in sizes eight foot (8’), ten foot (10’), twenty foot (20’) and forty foot (40’). The two most common that Hop2it funds are 20’ and 40’ storage types. Containers can also be refrigerated for food requirements. Containers packed with commodities which are usually packed onto Pallets. The weight that a Container can be loaded with relates not just to the ship it will be transported upon, but the ultimate road transport that it will be distributed by. As an overview, the maximum cargo weight that can be safely and legally loaded, when a tri-axle truck chassis is used for transport, for most global areas is; in a 20” container – 19,958kg (44,000 lbs); in a 40” container – 20,185kg (44,500 lbs)..

Container Trades comprise of a number of elements from the point of Sales Order which can be seen in the Export & Import Flow Process in Section 5 above to the many methods by which an end user may order commodities. We have experience in every part of this process. In addition to the export/import process, there are a number of other variables in the process which Hop2it is aware of and consults to the supported venture client to make product exports and imports smooth and to minimise risk. We have been involved in the container movement of a number of commodities which include:-

  • Australian manufactured Infant Formula to Hong Kong and mainland China
  • Chicken Paws (feet) to Honoria Solomon Islands
  • South Australian Organic Wine to China
  • The manufacture of gourmet foods and dietary products in Australasia
  • Gourmet Food and Condiments to the USA
  • South Australian Seafood
  • South Australian Organic Wine to China
  • Australian and US Bone Ash to China for manufacture of china and pottery

The Directors of Hop2it have years of hands on experience in importing raw materials and exporting manufactured products and this experience has been harnessed to ensure our systems support for our supported venture clients.