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IMPORTS & Exports


Import Container Services

Hop2it is an importer and Exporter and in addition provides specialized PPE to Buyers and Brokers world-wide. 
The company has Permits to import products such as Hemp seed, oil and other bi-products and is positioned to assist our clients with  their import needs and specialities. 
Importing commodities is a critical process to maintain the supply chain in the every country’s economy. Hop2it Container Trades provides an array of financial services to support our importer and buying clients.

Export Container Services

Since 2013 Hop2it has included the exporting of high quality food and other commodities, including PPE.
A wholly owned subsidiary Good Food Addict Pty Ltd manufactures high quality gourmet food under the Murrumbooee brand and exports products such as Infant Formula, seafood, poultry, meat, game and in 2020 PPE. 
With our extensive export and financial services experience since 2008, Hop2it is positioned to provide Buyers with access to our PPE supply-chain world-wide. We work with our members to place Containers on the “high seas” which our Buyers use as PPE warehousing.





⇒ Financial Services are provided to our Buyers in the form of funding for container transported PPE commodities and the costs of sea, air and land transport. 

⇒ Leverage Hop2it’s leverage in representing Buyers, Brokers or Investors is that we have “boots on the ground” in Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and Malaysia where PPE is manufactured.

Imports/Exports are almost all conducted in containers which carry 90% of the worlds commodities.


◊ Hop2it is an actual SELLER and an aggregator of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). Hop2it fills an important gap in PPE container funding for our BUYERS, Brokers and Investors.

◊ We provide an end-to-end solution to Buyers and Brokers wishing to purchase and transport Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) from manufacturer to end user. As a SELLER our company can provide “Proof of Life” through to product delivery to the Buyers local sea or air port, all at factory prices. As a Seller we can provide transfer of ownership of container-based goods on the high seas with SGS reports, Bills of Lading and Customs clearance. We can save our Buyers time, money and warehousing.